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Rich Compost Tea in Southeast Texas

Our organic matter adds structure to native soil, breaking up clay soils and opening it for more air and water to penetrate to the substrates. Soil stores carbon pulled from the air and balances it with oxygen provided to plants.

Revitalized soil contributes to healthy ecosystems which minimize the potential for water-borne pests and disease. Helping our soils absorb nutrient rich rain water contributes to a healthier regional ecosystem, one property at a time.

We have exponentially reduced the amount of traditional chemicals and petroleum-based fertilizers in regional lawn care, furthering our mission of environmental stewardship. Reducing these environmental pollutants accomplishes ‘down-stream’ benefits of cleaning and reducing
stormwater runoff.

Our Proprietary Blend

  • Stimulates plant growth with completely natural nutrients and without chemical fertilizers
  • Protects plant surfaces with healthful microorganisms that occupy infection sites and prevent disease
  • Loosens packed soils and facilitates deeper root systems, providing plants with the better drought and freezing resistance and reducing the need for watering
  • Strengthens soil by adding beneficial microbes including fungi, protozoa and bacteria
  • Improves nutrient uptake by lengthening the time that leaf stomata (pores) remain open
  • Increases the natural microbial composition and diversity of the soil, boosting the plant’s ability to choke out weeds and fight disease
  • Offers a safe alternative to chemicals; our natural nutrients are not harmful to people, pets, earthworms, microbes or other living creatures

Why compost tea?

Our compost tea is a better substance than regular compost. Here’s why:

Good: compost

One of nature’s oldest forms of recycling and an environmentally friendly, highly effective fertilizer, compost is a soil-like material. It’s created from the decomposition of organic matter through the activities of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, as well as invertebrates, including earthworms.

Better: compost tea

Brewed by steeping compost in water, this natural tea is alive with nutrients, including beneficial bacteria, folic acids, fungi and other microorganisms. Its application in liquid form not only aids in the absorption of nutrients, but also serves to hydrate lawns, gardens, flowerbeds, shrubs, and trees. Compost tea is also a significant benefit to dry Texas landscapes.

Best: Green Grow Organics’ compost tea

Brewed fresh daily in a vortex brewer to maintain its nutritive value, Green Grow Organics’ special blend of activated, aerated compost tea is concentrated with high levels of dissolved oxygen. Our process also serves to feed the beneficial bacteria, resulting in exponential multiplication of the wholesome microbial population. Our proprietary blend of nutrients provides the greatest diversity of healthy microorganisms available anywhere.

Awards, associations, and reviews

Awards & Associations:

  • Angie’s List Super Service Award 2016
  • Approved vendor for the city of San Antonio
  • Certified SBE firm in Bexar County
  • Included in the City of San Antonio Design Standards for our natural soil methodology
  • Participates with numerous landscape architecture teams for the CoSA Bond Projects, 2017-2022

“I love what GGO has done for my lawn. I tell all my neighbors about GGO when they ask that organics are the way to go!”
— Michael Smith

“My landscaping was suffering from the tough South Texas heat but after just a few months of GGO’s services, my grass is lush and green and my plants are looking healthier than ever!”
— Dennis Ruff

“The grass in my front yard was struggling to grow in certain areas, but with the help of GGO, I am seeing more grass than ever!”
— Alan Compton

Public Health

Soil cleans water. Healthy soil reduces runoff. Organic soil reduces toxins in the environment and directly reduces chemical runoff to our aquifer.

Our Green Grow Organics Soil2Sky™ program is beneficial to both the environment and human health. We eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides. We balance soil biology producing robust ecological systems capable of holding more nutrients and more water than typical petroleum-based fertilization programs which leach the soil and reduce water retention.

A citywide commitment to healthy soil will dramatically improve San Antonio’s carbon footprint. We can lead the nation in soil conservation and education as we already do with water, shepherding in a City of Soil ™, sustainable from Soil to Sky ™

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