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Organic Landscaping Options in South Central Texas

We purchase the bulk of our ingredients for our compost and compost teas from local sources. A few exotic items such as mycorrhizae are mail order items. Fish parts are procured locally, and since we are locally owned and operated, we make every effort to buy from other local small business operators.

Sam Sitterle custom designed our Green Grow Organics truck and rig, which has two tanks and an aerating pump, as well as purchased a highly efficient brewer. The timeliness of delivery of our product is crucial to its success. All systems are designed to achieve maximum nutrients and rapid delivery to ensure actively aerated compost tea.

Our Leadership

Sam D. Sitterle

Is President of Metroscapes Landscaping, the parent company of Green Grow Organics. A 1987 graduate of the University of Texas with degrees in industrial engineering and marketing, Sam gave up a successful career in sales in 1991 in favor of a back-of-the-truck job in landscaping. Within a year, he was not only running his own crew but all others for the company.

In 1991, Sam created Metroscapes Landscaping, and in 2012, he cofounded Green Grow Organics after recognizing the need for a truly organic solution in landscape feeding and inoculation for South Central Texas. His 25 years owning and operating Metroscapes Landscaping made it clear to him that our environment and regional ecosystems needed an organic solution to landscaping, which ironically is a very “un-green” industry.

Sam’s innovative approach includes an integrated pest management system (IPM) that has a direct effect on our pollinators and songbird population.

About our company

  • We are the only soil biology consultant in the region with the specific knowledge required the capacity to take on projects with a natural soil management focus and scope.
  • We are facilitating a continuing education course for the American Institute of Architects, San Antonio Chapter.
  • Our education outreach is a key component of our community involvement and commitment to sustainable landscaping.  We work closely with architects and landscape architects to achieve common goals in responsible construction. Our philosophy is built on public priorities that endure.
  • We are developing maintenance standards for municipalities that don’t defeat the purpose of organic, chemical-free landscape installations.

Partners and projects

Sustainable Growth Texas
Green Grow Organics is partnering withSustainable Growth Texas (an industry leader in soil sustainability for three decades) to consult on soil specifications for major institutional construction projects that will set the tone for regional soil policy for decades to come.

Our commitment to the built environment and the community at large governs every decision we make regarding projects and personnel. We are an SBE-certified firm bringing decades of organic knowledge to municipal projects, helping San Antonio become the national leader in soil management and conservation.

Project sheets

The Doseum
San Antonio, Texas

Green Grow Organics was approached by the project’s Landscape Architects Christine Ten Eyck, ASLA and Cameron Campbell, ASLA of Ten Eyck Landscape Architecture, to evaluate and recommend corrective measures to be taken to address landscaping difficulties realized at The Doseum.

Our analysis identified the native grasses and perennials had not developed proper root structures due to improper planting techniques and severe overwatering, resulting in compounding problems:

  • Poor root structures and overwatering resulted in standing water, which contributed to fungal diseases taking hold.
  • Fungal diseases increase aphid populations, which in turn resulted in a terrible fire ant infestation.
  • Grasses were improperly trimmed, contributing to the above issues.

95% of native grasses were unfortunately lost requiring treatment and/or replacement.

The Franklin Estate
San Antonio, Texas

Green Grow Organics provided an evaluation of the existing landscape to determine fungal issue remedies, corrective measures for irrigation system and evaluation of trees and turf.

Rehabilitation included correcting planting installation errors, building proper soil biology and eliminating overwatering.

Within six months, the site experienced an overwhelming recovery.  Turf, trees, shrubs and perennials are thriving and fungal issues have been eliminated.

Project contact
Aubra Franklin
Franklin Development
(210) 364-8482

Certified Small Business Enterprise

Metroscapes Landscaping, Inc. is the parent company to Green Grow Organics, and both are
certified as Small Business Enterprises with the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency.

Contact us for additional details!