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Saving The World, One Organic Landscape At A Time

Who is Green Grow Organics?

Green Grow Organics, Inc., formed in 2012, is a South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA) certified Small Business Enterprise serving the South Central Texas Region, providing soil testing and soil biology consulting services, landscape, and land management services. We currently serve 65 properties monthly in Bexar, Comal and Kendall counties with our 100% organic husbandry program called Soil2Sky™.

We revitalize native soils, rather than removing them from the site—often at significant savings to owners and general contractors. Revitalizing existing soil is critical to our ecosystems to reduce the average annual loss of 1% of topsoil globally.

Green Grow Organics is the first company in South Central Texas to bring you healthy, green, lush landscapes through the application of exceptionally rich and completely natural compost tea. We currently brew more organic compost tea and liquid compost extract (LCE) than anyone in the region.

Our company works directly with design and construction communities, municipalities and institutions, bridging the gap between conventional landscaping and chemical-free, natural-biological landscapes. Our holistic land management program (Soil2Sky™) protects ecosystems, balances soil biology and conserves water. We deliver healthy, sustainable gardens for kids and pets, saving the world one organic landscape at a time.

Our approach & process

Soil2Sky™, our holistic land management program, protects ecosystems, balances soil biology and conserves water.  This program is beneficial to both the environment and human health. We eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides. We balance soil biology producing robust ecological systems capable of holding more nutrients and more water than typical petroleum-based fertilization programs that leach the soil and reduce water retention.

Good water retention prevents leaching and runoff, which contribute directly to pollution. Healthy soil serves as a water filter, critical to every stage of a healthy environment. Our organic practices reduce water use and help recharge the aquifer with clean water. 

We Are Brewmasters!

Using a system designed by Sam Sitterle himself (he’s an industrial engineer), Green Grow Organics currently brews more organic compost team and liquid compost extract (LCE) than anyone in the region and we are expanding across South Texas as clients recognize the benefits, both environmentally and aesthetically, our system brings.

Traditional compost is one of nature’s oldest forms of recycling and an environmentally friendly, highly effective fertilizer. It’s created from the decomposition of organic matter through the activities of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi as well as invertebrates, including earthworms.

About our process

We purchase the bulk of our ingredients for our compost and compost teas from local sources. A few exotic items such as mycorrhizae are mail order items. Fish parts are procured locally, and since we are locally owned and operated, we make every effort to buy from other local small business operators.

Sam Sitterle custom designed our Green Grow Organics truck and rig, which has two tanks and an aerating pump, as well as purchased a highly efficient brewer. The timeliness of delivery of our product is crucial to its success. All systems are designed to achieve maximum nutrients and rapid delivery to ensure actively aerated compost tea.

Call For More Information Today! (210) 275-8200


187 Laswell Ln.
Bulverde TX, 78163

Areas Served

North San Antonio, Bulverde, Boerne, New Braunsfels TX

Green Grow Organics, Bulverde, TX, USA