About Us

About Us

Lawn Maintenance, Brown Spot Mitigation & Lawn Care Services Near San Antonio, TX 

In 2012, Green Grow Organics was established through its parent company Metroscapes Landscaping (est. 1991) and has been proudly serving the San Antonio region with quality lawn care services ever since. We've made it our mission to provide customers with customized lawn, garden, shrub and tree feeding programs and plant disease control services through our perfect blend of organic compost tea to completely and naturally eliminate your brown spots. 

Leave the harsh chemicals out of your lawn and protect it the right way with our help. Whether you’re in need of a natural solution to bring your lawn back to life or pet-friendly lawn fertilizer, give us a call at (210) 404-7244 today!

Lawn Care and Weed Control San Antonio, TX

Get to know your lawn care experts!

Sam D. Sitterle is the president of Metroscapes Landscaping and co-founder of Green Grow Organics. As a 1987 University of Texas graduate with degrees in Industrial Engineering and Marketing, Sam favored a back-of-the-truck landscaping job over a successful career in sales. In 1991, he created Metroscapes Landscaping and in 2012, he co-founded Green Grow Organics with Polly Welmaker after realizing the need for an organic solution in landscaping and lawn care in the South Central Texas region.

Organic Lawn Care San Antonio, TX
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