Soil2Sky ™, our holistic land management program, protects ecosystems, balances soil biology and conserves water. We deliver healthy, sustainable gardens safe for kids and pets, saving the world, one organic
landscape at a time.

  • “The results have been great! My lawn has been transformed and my plants are growing like crazy!”
    - Jennifer Bennett, Client Since Winter 2014

  • "I wasn't sure about Organics, but now my lawn and landscape is more lush and beautiful than ever!"
    - Audrey Morrey, Client Since Winter 2014

  • “This is the business I've been looking for years! I'm very happy with the service and I would highly recommend GGO!”
    - Ann Wells, Client Since Spring 2015

  • It’s really brought my grass back! Thanks to GGO my yard looks healthy and lush!
    - Joanna Ebert, Client Since Spring 2015

  • “GGO turned my yard from worst to first!”
    - Joe Mcgrath, Client since fall 2015

Choose Us For All Your Organic Lawn Care & Lawn Maintenance Needs in
San Antonio & Beyond!

Lawn Care & Pet Friendly Lawn Fertilizer San Antonio, TX

We have been proudly serving the San Antonio region with quality lawn services since 2012.

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Lawn Maintenance & Organic Lawn Care San Antonio, TX

Allow us to care for your lawn without harsh chemicals and watch it become greener and healthier!

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Brown Spots in Lawn & Lawn Maintenance San Antonio, TX

Our lawn service can increase your property’s value just by making sure your lawn looks its best!

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Take a look at your lawn: Have the years of harsh chemical sprays and fertilizer destroyed its once green shade? When you’re trying to get your lawn back to looking healthy again, rely on the experts at Green Grow Organics for second-to-none lawn care services.

When you choose Green Grow Organics to help bring your landscape back to life, you can rest assured you’re in the most capable hands. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the very best in organic lawn care services. It’s important to us that we maintain your lawn naturally, which is why we stay away from the harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals found in many fertilizers in the marketplace. Instead, we take a more natural approach by utilizing organic nutrients that not only  help stimulate growth in your lawn, trees and shrubs but also ensure that your landscape will continue to thrive for years to come.

We take the harsh chemicals out of lawn care and revive the brown spots in your lawn with organic maintenance!

Organic Lawn Care & Pet Friendly Lawn Fertilizer

Our business is founded on the principle that the natural and organic approach is the best approach! When you feed your lawn the natural way, it starts to come alive again. With our one-of-a-kind natural nutrients program, your lawn will look its very best!  Whether you’re in need of residential or commercial lawn care services, choose us every time.

With our help, you can watch as your lawn grows greener and healthier than ever before! Don’t wait until your lawn is utterly destroyed, making your home’s equity decrease in value; call us for immediate assistance. Call (210) 404-7244 for a free lawn analysis today!

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